Softcon builds long-term relationships with clients, integrating business consulting services,
Softcon is one of  the fastest  growing  Information  Technology  firms  on  the market today.

Our strategic consulting team helps clients redesign and transform their businesses, as well as to create new business models.

With our experts from several industries and with strong relationships with history-makers in those industries, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of the marketplace. Through critical analyses of business and market factors, we notice subtle nuances that signal important changes on the horizon, enabling us to help clients anticipate and prepare for those changes and align their capabilities with the demands of the markets in which they compete.


Using our extensive knowledge of information technology architectures, infrastructures, and technologies, we help clients use information technology strategically to achieve their business objectives. We then work with our clients to continually ensure alignment between their business and information technology strategies, ensuring that their IT strategy effectively supports their business objectives.

Specific strategic consulting services include:

Business & Market Analysis
Business Process Design
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Merger & Post-merger Integration
Program Management
Technical & Management Consulting

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