Softcon builds long-term relationships with clients, integrating business consulting services,
Softcon is one of  the fastest  growing  Information  Technology  firms  on  the market today.

The extremely complex systems that organizations develop to integrate with the traditional corporate applications are colliding with the idea of conducting business in Internet time and satisfying customer needs. Organizations cannot take years to design and develop all-inclusive applications or integrate existing systems since each minute is worth a penny. Systems are expected to be available virtually immediately providing exceptional functionality, maintaining flexibility and operating flawlessly. Systems integration is the key for meeting all these goals and developing business solutions for today's competitive economy.

Systems integration is the process of bringing together technology components to support a business solution and ensuring that the components work in a unified fashion. It is part of a much larger business solution development effort that includes activities such as business process re-engineering, change management, and transition management.


Softcon specializes in providing systems integration services for a variety of technology platforms, bringing together hardware, software, consulting and outsourcing that ensures proven business solutions for today's information technology environment. Softcon provides a single point of contact for open systems technology products and services that are critical to your business success.

Softcon specializes in providing system integration services to meet the needs of each client.

Softcon EAI Offerings:

»Adapter Development -- Application & Technical adapters
»Workflow engine implementation -- MQ Workflow FileNet, Staffware
»Message Brokers Integration -- Mercator, Forte, MQSeries
»Web legacy integration -- Non-invasive products, Web enabling solutions
»Middleware Consulting -- MQSeries / Tibco / Tuxedo / MSMQ

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